Need a Speaker?

If you are looking for a new and unique perspective to shake up the status quo at your next event?  Karen is the ticket!

As a Coach in Life, Death and all the messy in-between, 

Karen has a unique way of weaving our inevitable death into just about everything.  

We are all going to die.  What matters in death, absolutely matters in life.  

Only when we know what matters in the end, can we truly begin to live a life of intention

alignment and authenticity.  This is where the magic happens.  

The magic that creates inspiration and sustainable growth personally, professionally and for your business.

Business Networking Meetings 

Management Development or Business Conferences

Leadership Development 

Personal Growth and Inspiration 

Seniors & Community Groups

Wellness Retreats & Conferences 

Karen has years of experience as a speaker and facilitator for corporate audiences as well as community and non-profit groups.

So ... What are you dying to know?


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