the time is now!

Coaching for Life’s Journey ...

The difference between who you are and who you want to be

 is in what you do.

In both life and death.

Let's take the Journey together ...

My goal is to help you re-imagine your personal and professional life, and make the changes necessary to travel the journey of your dreams right now!              

As a professional coach I bring an intuitive approach in working with my clients, and have a vast history of client success.   With my unique co-active and intentional approach you will experience renewed clarity and direction, to take positive action to create a life journey of your design.                                                                 

I have journeyed a life of complications and challenges, from raising a visually impaired daughter, surviving a divorce, a complicated long term blended family arrangment that ended, and depression and anxiety;  all while building a professional corporate career in an old-boys, male dominated industry.  

Throughout the years I have also carried the grief and loss of losing close family and friends who have died tragically, through terminal illness and of course, natural causes too. 

My life experiences have previously found me stuck, confused and uncertain - unclear about where I was,  who I was, and where I was going with my life.  Unclear about who and what mattered most to me.  

I have discovered the pathway to all healing, and now live a life of my design.  I am living my best life - living and loving fully, doing work I am extremely passionate about, coaching, leading, educating and supporting others, just like you.  Oh, and did I mention, I am now married to the man of my dreams.  Yes, this is my best life.  My journey.  Living and loving fully, right now.  And you can too! 

So, where do we begin?  Well at the end actually.  It may sound complicated, but its not.   Contact me at: to learn more and get started today!

 Are you ready? Let's find your pathway to healing and  create a rich and meaningful life by your design. 


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