About Karen ...

Karen Hendrickson is a professional Coach in Life, Death, Grief and all the messy in-between.  

With over 35 years as corporate business, leadership and human resources professional, Karen has extensive training and expertise in communications, CTI Co-active Coaching, relationship management, and conflict resolution.  With training and experience in emotional intelligence, public speaking, training and facilitation of large and small groups, Karen is well versed in the human dynamic, and what it takes to support others through change, challenges and difficult times.  As a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator Karen's work is centered from your heart, and allows you to achieve not only your desired goals, but even more importantly, you will achieve goals that truly provide you with your desired feelings about life and living.

Karen is a Licensed Willow EOL Facilitator, a certified End of Life Doula, and a member of the End of Life Doula Association of Canada, & The National End of Life Doula Alliance, committed to a regulated and monitored scope of practice.  Karen has received certification as a Grief & Loss Support Group Facilitator and has also completed hospice volunteer training.  She is currently participating in SFU's End of Life Studies program.

Earlier in Karen's career she received significant training and education from Queen's University, Banff Centre for Leadership, UBC and SFU's schools of business; along   with training and experience in collective bargaining negotiations, grievance and conflict resolution and human relations.

My Commitment

Committing to a more fulfilling life, no matter where you are on the timeline of YOUR  journey,  is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication.  My commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support to achieve the success in living life by YOUR DESIGN!

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